KDev4 SDK Single or Multiple Projects?

Paulo Moura Guedes moura at kdewebdev.org
Sat Feb 3 23:04:11 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 31 January 2007 22:23, cedric wrote:
> But if kdevelop was created, it is to simplify the task of the developer !
> And I know I'm not alone in that case, in many companies, poeple works on
> multiple related projects that cannot be not merged in one.

Yes, in my company I also have to work in multiple projects and it would be a 
nightmare to have one one instance of the IDE for each one.

> So please reconsider the question of multiple projects in one instance 

I think this is a must have and probably most users working in companies will 
have the same opinion. 

The fact that there is some doubt about this makes me wonder what is the 
criteria for the developers to decide which features should go in or not. 
Perhaps kde-usability could have a word to say in this cases.

Anyway, don't know any major IDE that doesn't have this feature, which could 
be a sign perhaps.


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