Status of Qt4 qmake support

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Jul 30 17:12:25 UTC 2006


this is more or less a status update and RFC.

I'm so far done with the "important" stuff, i.e. properly parsing the QT
variable, supporting resource files and cleaning up the configuration
dialog for qmake projects. I'm going to try to add a "qt4" option to the
import wizard when the project is a qmake project tonight.

The kdevelop-qmake4 branch is near to ready for a merge, as the next
changes will take quite some time and possibly won't make it into
kdevelop3.4 (using the qmake parser instead of the regexp-parsing that
exists atm).

Before merging there are a couple of questions that I'd like to resolve:

- upgrade-path for existing projects
	One problem is that the designer-integration setting changed and
	I have absolutely no idea how or if it is possible to take over
	the existing setting into the project. The other upgrade-problem
	is that the include-style will on upgrades define the Qt
	version, as in earlier versions of KDevelop qt/version was used
	for the include style option.

- project settings change affects qmake manager ui
	I asked this on IRC but got no response. If a user switches from
	Qt3 to Qt4 inside the project options, the qmake manager ideally
	should change it's ui (replacing IMAGES with RESOURCES), however
	I don't know wether this is possible.

Hints on those two are welcome.


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