What's this "simplified IDEAl" mode?

mwoehlke mwoehlke at tibco.com
Thu Jul 27 20:47:32 UTC 2006

While looking at 'new features for 3.4.x', I saw:

* Simple IDEAl UI mode is now the default
   + It's faster and has less bugs
   + Takes less screen estate
   + The viewspace can be split...
   + IntelliJ IDEA - alike toolview keyboard navigation...
   + Better keyboard navigation and focusing

Alas, I saw this AFTER trying out 3.3.91, and going, "OMG What happened 
to the UI?!".

Basically, I have two complaints against 'Simplified'.

First, I miss the 'show contents while resizing' mode of regular IDEA1.

Second, "takes less screen estate" is completely false (at least with my 
UI settings*); this is why I initially freaked out when I saw the 
change. There are several pixels of padding around the docked-window 
tabs that aren't there on regular-not-simplified IDEA1. Also, the 
docking tab-bars don't go away if they are empty. Both of these result 
in simplified devouring considerably MORE pixels than its cousin.

The obvious solution is to use regular-not-simplified IDEA1... but what 
about "faster and has less bugs"?

(* I am using the bluecurve widget set, on KDE 3.4.3. I can share 
additional information on my UI config if needed.)

Ok, so the quotes aren't entirely original.

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