Document loading in kdevelop4

Adam Treat treat at
Sat Jul 22 22:26:11 UTC 2006

Hi all,

As some of you know, from the recent dust-up on kde-commits, the katepart now 
has lazy loading.  This is boon, since it simplifies our code and makes 
document loading faster.  So, I hooked up the documentcontroller to take 
advantage of this lazy loading... and opening a document was indeed, much 
faster.  Still, opening every source file in trunk/KDE/kdevelop takes a 
couple of minutes :(  I believe this is the cost of factory loading of so 
many KParts.

I don't think this is acceptable.  When a project loads, it should open within 
a minute no matter how large the project or the number of open documents.

I would like to experiment with phony loading of open documents during project 
start-up.  The idea would be the documentcontroller machinery would fake load 
documents at startup and present these to the documentview part.  No KPart 
would actually be created until the user made the document active by giving 
it focus.  Then the part would be created and shown.  The drawback is it 
might take a split second for the document to get focus this first time.  Not 
sure how noticeable it will be.

Then the document loading on project startup would be limited only by the 
speed of the background parser.



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