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mwoehlke mwoehlke at tibco.com
Thu Jul 20 18:06:36 UTC 2006

Adam Treat wrote:
> On Thursday 20 July 2006 12:43 pm, mwoehlke wrote:
>> Adam Treat wrote:
>>> *  All settings can be configured on an individual project basis.  A
>>> project manager could finally define AStyle settings for the whole
>>> project, for instance.  And developers who work on more than one project
>>> might have AStyle settings for each different project.
>> I can already imagine the headache this is going to create. "Oh, but I
>> wanted that setting to apply to ALL projects! You mean I have to close
>> my active project, make the change, and then wait five minutes while my
>> project re-opens?". It seems like we need to provide a way for the
>> configure dialog to let us pick to apply settings to the project, or
>> globally.
> That was an alternative, but mattr and I talked about it and thought it'd be 
> obvious if the top-level menu item changes from 'configure->kdevelop' 
> to 'configure->project' when a project is opened.  Obviously, if it 
> says 'configure->project' it will only relate to that project.

IOW if I want to make a global change, I have to wait five minutes for 
me project to re-load? That hardly seems productive. I don't see how 
this is an improvement, and it is likely to make it irritating to change 
things that the user wants to be set globally.

Btw, how does this interact with, say, KATE's settings? Are those (at 
least the ones that have historically been per-app) now per-project as well?

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