QT4 support in upcoming KDevelop 3.4

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Jul 12 16:07:59 UTC 2006

On 12.07.06 14:11:56, Tarjei Knapstad wrote:
> On 6/29/06, Andreas Pakulat <apaku at gmx.de> wrote:
> > On 24.06.06 14:09:44, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > > I'd like to know what the plans for better Qt4 support are for KDEvelop
> > > 3.4? I know there won't be qmake-support and compiling Qt4 apps that use
> > > autotools works pretty well, however there are a few things left that
> > > I'd like to know more about:
> > >
> > > 1. Codecompletion, I had a quick try, creating a pcs-database for qt4
> > > include dir but Codecompletion didn't show up.
> >
> > Seems like that is "fixed" in the latest svn, i.e. the Qt4-import wizard
> > works.
> >
> > But what about the other options? Especially invoking designer?
> >
> It's a bit cumbersome, but if you right click a .ui file in the File
> Tree there's a menu option to "Open With -> Qt Designer 4" (I haven't
> found a way to make the designer from 4.x the default though).

This sounds like the integrated konqi and not any of the project
specific views, especially not the file-tree view. This is no solution
to the problem.

> You may have to adjust your project options for this to work, can't
> quite remember. If the option doesn't show, go to Project Options ->
> C++ Specific and the Qt tab. Check "use Qt for this project", "Qt 4.x"
> and add the Qt4.x root path.

I don't know what kdevelop you got there, but it's definitely not
KDevelop 3.4, that one has no Qt tab under C++ Specifics. The only place
where one can check a Qt4 box is under the class wizard tab for the


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