Editing source while debugging

Cavalaria Christophe chris.cavalaria at free.fr
Sun Dec 31 00:37:12 UTC 2006

On Sunday 31 December 2006 01:17, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> On Sunday 31 December 2006 03:07, Cavalaria Christophe wrote:
> > Yuck, in my opinion, don't do that! There is that option in Delphi ( make
> > code read only during debugging ) and I've only used it for a few minutes
> > before disabling it. It's much better for the user to deal with somewhat
> > incorrect breakpoints than to prevent editing during debugging.
> >
> > Simple solution : leave it as it is and add a "code changed, do you want
> > to rebuild it?" when the user tries to resume the program beeing
> > debugged. This should be enouth of a warning that future breakpoints
> > might not be as accurate as possible.
> Then, we'd need a way to ask Kate not to move markers corresponding to
> breakpoints. Otherwise, we'd have some complexity devoted to moving
> breakpoint, when in fact we don't support this at all.

But that would be annoying too. A very common usage patter when I debug code 
is to make some change, compile and test again with the new version. If each 
time I edited some code I would have to go back to the rest of the source to 
replace the breakpoints in the correct location, it would be tedious.

I don't see a simple solution for that problem. And I guess I'm biased because 
I'm used to the glitches you face with moving breakpoints whereas all the 
suggested "solutions" would be annoying in my opinion.

Thinking about it, moving breakpoints seems like the kind of problems faced by 
patch when supplied a patch file for a slightly different version of the 
source code. Maybe there's some ideas to take here.
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