Tests in kdev4

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sat Dec 30 23:31:13 UTC 2006


I need some input on how to handle test-writing for the qmake parser.

Currently I have 1 test that just feeds some input to the parser and
checks wether he can parse it or not (with 2 success and 2 fail-expected

I also just added a test that checks a simple assignment is parsed
correctly. The problem here is that the test function tests multiple
things at once, which it shouldn't. As one cannot know what fails (i.e.
parsing, ast-generation...).

Currently I only see 1 option to go about this: Create a new test class
for each "thing" I want to test, i.e. if I want to test

VAR3 -= VALUE VALUE #comment

This would mean 3 test classes and with about 10 things to test for
variable assignments only, I think the tests folder will get cluttered
(apart from the naming-problem). 

Anybody has a better idea how to go about this?


You need more time; and you probably always will.

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