language support in 3.4 vs 4

Matt Rogers mattr at
Sat Dec 30 02:12:03 UTC 2006

On Dec 29, 2006, at 4:41 PM, Oliver Kellogg wrote:

> Hello kdevelopers,
> Finally I'm finding some time to get back to kdevelop.
> I see that language support has changed considerably in trunk.
> What happened to the CodeModel?
> Where do I find documentation on the new parser infrastructure?
> When will it be possible to commit to the 3.4 branch?
> (I want to update the Ada support.)
> Thanks,
> Oliver

There is no documentation for the language support in KDevelop 4 yet  
as the infrastructure for language supports is very much in flux.  
You'll have to dig through the files in the lib directory since a lot  
of the language support stuff is in there now.

There is no documentation on the new parser infrastructure either.  
Someone else will either have to fill you in on that.

Feature commits to the 3.4 branch can happen again after we release  
KDevelop 3.4.0, which is currently unscheduled.


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