Hardcoded Colors in KDevelop

Nick Savoiu savoiu at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 21 01:56:16 UTC 2006

>Matthew Woelke started out on the quest to remove hard-coded colors
>within the KDevelop sources. I just did a quick thing on the debugger
>and went on to find any occurences for QColor in kdevelop. The outcome
>is really bad. There are quite some parts that use hardcoded colors for
>their Ui, namely:

Welcome to my pain! :)

I use a very unusual color scheme (all dark backgrounds) and several items in KDevelop seem to set their own colors. The ones mentioned in my bug that you just fixed are some of them.

Currently 3.3.94 still forces colors in: FindInFiles, Messages, Application, and Replace.


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