Hardcoded Colors in KDevelop

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Dec 21 01:02:31 UTC 2006


Matthew Woelke started out on the quest to remove hard-coded colors
within the KDevelop sources. I just did a quick thing on the debugger
and went on to find any occurences for QColor in kdevelop. The outcome
is really bad. There are quite some parts that use hardcoded colors for
their Ui, namely:

FileTreeView, integrated designer (quite many herer), ruby debugger and
the cpp configuration widget.

Now, some of them like the filetreeview use many colors for special
highlighting (in that case state of version controlled files) and I'm
not sure how to make that work with the "limited" color roles we have in

One way might be to use the blend() function Matthew implemented for the
ProcessWidget, which if I understood correctly blends 1 color into
another by a certain factor. That way we could just blend the custom
colors into the standard text color (or button, background whatever) to
a certain amount.

But somebody with more knowledge about styles needs to speak up and
"tell" what the proper way would be. I'm willing to do the coding part,
I just need to know what I should do.

In the meantime I'll see that the configuration widget for C++ is
changed, it seems the colors are mainly used for highlighting purposes
there, i.e. using red for errors.


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