Compilation problems in the parser

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sat Dec 9 22:58:33 UTC 2006


I have now confirmation from 2 QM users that compilation of the qmake
parser can create a broken parser:

<ponto> apaku: compiling the files in  ./buildtools/lib/parsers/qmake with -g -O2  has the error.  Compiling with -O2 also has the error. Compiling without -O2 and without -g  works. -g works too

It seems this is issue is not distro-related, one user has SuSE 10.1,
32bit machine, gcc 4.1.0, the other is using gentoo on an amd64, gcc 4.1.1

Anybody with an idea what might cause this problem?

I'm going to try a compilation with -O2 and -g -O2 tonight...


What happened last night can happen again.

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