RC 2 or final?

Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Wed Dec 6 00:26:59 UTC 2006

Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 04.12.06 15:34:00, Matt Rogers wrote:
>> Hi,
>> A lot of stuff has been fixed since RC 1 went out the door and rather
>> than just rolling the final release and be done with it, I wonder if
>> we should roll an RC 2 first in order to get some feedback from the
>> community about the stability, etc. of it.
>> So, the big question is:
>> RC 2 or KDevelop 3.4 final?
> As the other's I am for a rc2. There's been some change in the qmake
> manager which hasn't been tested that much - although the two main
> testers Ian and Stephan didn't complain yet. And I'm going to make the
> change to the context menu later today.
> On the other hand if rc2 again takes two weeks from tagging to release,
> I'm not so sure about it. Because then we'd only have 3 weeks or so
> between rc2 release and the kde 3.5.6 release - which I guess is still
> the target for 3.4 final?
> Regardless of this decision I think a message freeze should be turned on
> and the translators notified. There were quite many message changes in
> 3.4 which needs translation and kdevelops translation is kept in
> kde-i18n.
> Andreas

There's no infrastructure in place to do translations for KDevelop 3.4, 
which is why the message freeze wasn't put in place when the feature 
freeze was put in place.

If you can convince somebody to give it the needed attention to explain 
how to set it up that doesn't involve hacking on the translation script 
that's run on the KDE servers to update the translation files.


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