Support for distributed compiling in Kdevelop ( ask for help )

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Dec 4 00:16:18 UTC 2006

On 03.12.06 23:52:05, Kanniball wrote:
> After spent hours bugging people on irc ( no my nick is not Kanniball ;) ) 
> I've decided to post here a call for help.
> I know that devs are always busy, and sometimes answer this kind of questions 
> is not very pleasant.
> My propose is to add support for both distcc and icecream.

Then please include a short summary on what needs to be done to use
distcc for a given project. I personally have no idea how either of
these two works, but I do know my way through kdev's build support

> But first of all, how should this be implemented, as a plug-in? as a build 
> tool?

That depends on what needs to be done. If you only need to call make
with special environment variables or command line switches, you can
provide a menu-entry, an according slot in the existing build-system of
your choice (or all).

If you need more, I need more information on what needs to be done to
use distcc or icecream.


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