Visual glitches in ProcessWidget

Matt Rogers mattr at
Fri Dec 1 03:21:39 UTC 2006

Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> ProcessWidget is tinkering with its palette, causing two undesirable 
> effects:
> 1. The colors it chooses are commonly indistinguishable from the window 
> background (i.e. in any scheme where background() == mid(), e.g. 
> '[Digital] CDE', 'Dark Blue', 'Solaris', 'High Contrast Black')
> 2. Styles that draw using the highlight color draw incorrectly.
> ...not to mention that hard-coding of colors as done by several parts 
> (grepview, to name one) is A Bad Thing; these need to be configurable 
> somehow (for a REALLY nasty example, consider the effect of using 'High 
> Contrast Blue'). Is this being done in KDevelop4? (I wonder if this sort 
> of thing should be system-wide - and more importantly, scheme specific - 
> ala <>...) KATE gets away 
> with its application scheme system because you are never combining a 
> system scheme color with a KATE scheme color. The alternative of course 
> would be for ProcessWidget to do likewise; draw the list itself (NOT THE 
> SCROLLBARS!) and use an application scheme background color rather than 
> the system scheme color.
> Is the palette changing really needed, or can it be removed?

The best thing to do would be to fix it rather than just removing it.

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