RFC: Idea for qmake project conf dlg

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Aug 20 10:45:00 UTC 2006


another thing that was brought up on IRC by bUscher: He'd like to have
the project conf dlg for qmake projects to be non-modal and if he
selects another subproject that the dialog loads the configuration
options for it.

Now there's one problem with that: Saving, currently the configuration
is saved whenver the dialog is closed. If it won't be closed the user
would loose all changes to the configuration, which is really bad. So
the only way I see it currently is to ask the user wether to save the
current config before loading the new subproject's config. However when
switching between subprojects this will get _very_ annoying.

bUscher proposed to automatically not save the configuration, which
isn't a possible thing, we'll get lots of bugreports when we do this.

Always automatically saving is not an option too, because then there's
no way to cancel the changes.

My initial idea to solve this dilemma was a configuration option
(outside of the subproject conf dlg) to tell the project manager that
he'd either ask, always save or always cancels when loading a new
subproject. The problem is: There's no such configuration page in the
project file.

So the questions are:

1. Is it easily possible to implement such a configuration page for the
qmake project manager?

2. Does anybody here have a better idea to solve this problem?


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