question about the new configuration framework

Jens Herden jens at
Wed Aug 16 16:22:34 UTC 2006


if I understood right the new configuration stuff in KDevelop is based on 
kconfigXT now. So whenever I have a plugin that needs configuration I should 
create a *.kcfg and *.kcfgc file, right?

So from what I know inside the *.kcfg file the name of the rc-file is written 
and the generated class gets this in the constructor. Does this mean that a 
plugin always saves its configuration in kdeveloprc if there is no project 

From reading the code I understand that the configuration dialog looks for 
*.desktop files where the entry X-KDE-ParentApp is set to the instance name 
of the application. How can this work if the application is not kdevelop but 
something else?

Is it right that the configuration dialog now shows all options for all 
plugins no matter if they are currently loaded or not? 


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