Issue with KDevelop: Is it using different parsers in parallell for different puropuses?

Erik Sigra sigra at
Tue Aug 15 15:52:12 UTC 2006

> Från: Richard Dale <Richard_Dale at>
> On Tuesday 15 August 2006 02:21, Hamish Rodda wrote:
> > > it will be possible for KDE 4, and it's worked on for C++ at the moment. I believe it's not for
> > > performance reasons though, but rather for correctness also in corner cases. Hamish?
> >
> > Using a true parser will allow much more intricate highlighting that provides better visual clues to
> > the programmer.  Look forward to this for kdevelop4...
> Yes, that sounds good, but it must be able to correctly highlight code which isn't finished and might
> not parse.

I do not demand that KDevelop correctly highlights code that does not parse. I do not even understand what you expect. How would you correctly highlight someting that is incorrect?

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