Persistent AST and google sparsehash

David Nolden david.nolden.kdevelop at
Sat Aug 5 18:57:47 UTC 2006

Am Samstag, 5. August 2006 18:22 schrieb Adam Treat:
> Yah, I discovered Boost too, but I'm leaning towards just serializing the
> AST ourselves.  Like Jakob said, we already have a visitor and everything
> :)
> But that leads me to a question...  why are you using Boost for the
> teamwork plugin?  It seems you've also created your own networking lib
> instead of using Qt's.  Is this because you wanted the teamwork layer (or
> perhaps the server) not to have a dependency on Qt?

As far as I can see Qt's networking-lib only consists of some socket-classes 
etc. Instead of that I use common-c++ which provides the same. The reason is 
that I wanted to create a standalone-server which is independent of Qt, 
exactly as you said. :) But I didn't rewrite anything that is in Qt.

My metworking-lib has a powerful messaging- and message-dispatching-system for 
which I use boost-serialization. That allows very easy sending of very 
complex custom messages, and it is much more powerful than a QDataStream.

> If it is not a technical reason, I'd really rather use Qt instead of Boost.
> All of KDevelop is going to already depend upon Qt and any server you have
> for KDevelop will probably require KDevelop installed on the machine.  It
> also seems like a lot to redo the networking layer instead of using Qt's
> networking classes.

As I said.. nothing is redone. It's just based on different 
socket-classes(which are replaceable). And the server will be able to run on 
any machine, with or without Qt.

> I've also had a look at your branch code.  Can you define a style that it
> is in?  I had a brief try and merging it with trunk, but I couldn't make
> heads or tails of it.

Well.. what do you mean by "Style"? ;). It needs some cleaning again but I 
don't think it looks very bad. :)

Currenty I still develop with an older version of kdelibs(I still use 
kdelibs4_snapshot), so merging it into trunk would not be of much use because 
of some incompatibilities. I've already spent hours by hours(if not days) 
trying to update which was very frustrating(there's many problems). Today 
I'll try it again. :)


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