Persistent AST and google sparsehash

Adam Treat treat at
Sat Aug 5 16:22:56 UTC 2006

Yah, I discovered Boost too, but I'm leaning towards just serializing the AST 
ourselves.  Like Jakob said, we already have a visitor and everything :)

But that leads me to a question...  why are you using Boost for the teamwork 
plugin?  It seems you've also created your own networking lib instead of 
using Qt's.  Is this because you wanted the teamwork layer (or perhaps the 
server) not to have a dependency on Qt?

If it is not a technical reason, I'd really rather use Qt instead of Boost.  
All of KDevelop is going to already depend upon Qt and any server you have 
for KDevelop will probably require KDevelop installed on the machine.  It 
also seems like a lot to redo the networking layer instead of using Qt's 
networking classes.

I've also had a look at your branch code.  Can you define a style that it is 
in?  I had a brief try and merging it with trunk, but I couldn't make heads 
or tails of it.

Cheers, Adam

On Saturday 05 August 2006 8:14 am, David Nolden wrote:
> For my teamwork-plugin I am using the boost serialization-library for
> serializing classes over the network.
> See
> and
> for how I use it.
> It can be used to serialize any data-type, even smart-pointers or normal
> pointers(including tracking, which makes sure that pointers pointing to the
> same object still point to the same recreated object after
> deserialization).
> And since the boost serialization-library may become a dependency of
> kdevelop-4 anyway because of my plugin, you may think about using it for
> AST-Persistence too.
> greetings, David
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