Code Snippets in KDevelop4

Matt Rogers mattr at
Wed Aug 2 23:21:40 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 02 August 2006 09:31, Robert Gruber wrote:
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> Betreff: Re: Code Snippets in KDevelop4
> > Why do we need repositories for code snippets? This needs more explaining
> > in order for me to better understand it.
> The idea behind the repositories is to have the ability to use snippets
> stored in different locations. The default will be a repository in the .kde
> directory of the user's home. Let's assume one uses KDevelop at work. The
> company might keep a snippet repository for all workers on one of their
> servers. To use it, the user can creates a samba-mount and add the
> directory to his list of repositories.
> An other case that came into my mind is this. A library might ship snippets
> in form of a XML-file. The user might not want the snippets from the
> library to mess up his own repository. So he imports the lib's snippets
> into a new repository. That way it's also easy to upgrad to a newer version
> of the snippet XML-file. Just remove the content of directory and reimport
> the new file.
> The whole thing will be very easy to configure. If the user does not
> configure anything at all he has his single global repository. But if he
> want to use more repositories he just has to add the paths to the
> repositories, and that's it.
> Nevertheless if you think that's a stupid idea I'll have no problem with
> limiting the repositories to one global and one for each project. There's
> no difference in the implementation if there is one or any number of
> repositories.

After hearing about the intended uses, I think it's a great idea now. I just 
wasn't understanding its full potential. :)


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