new cmake Qt3 project template - why isn't the project opened after it has been created ?

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Mon Apr 24 00:27:09 UTC 2006


I just committed a new cmake based Qt3 application template to the kdevelop 
3.4 branch.
There's a problem with it:
it is created successfully, cmake is run at the end fo the creation 
successfully, but kdevelop doesn't open it as new project.
It still shows the project name of the previous project and when compiling it 
still compiles the previous project. After loading the newly created project 
manually it works.
Any idea what could be the reaosn for this ?

The two files which describe the project are attached.
In svn you can find them under languages/cpp/apptemplates/cmakeqt3app/.

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# QMake application
Name=Qt3 Application
Category=C++/CMake based projects
Comment=Generate a CMake based Qt3 application
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