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Hamish Rodda rodda at
Thu Apr 20 09:37:05 UTC 2006

On Thursday 20 April 2006 16:56, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Hi,
> I was trying to improve variable widget a bit, and run into a problem. The
> bottom of the variable widget has a input line where user can type an
> expression. To evaluate that expression, user can either just click Enter,
> or click "Evaluate button", but to watch the expression, he has to click
> the "Watch" button -- there's no keyboard access.
> This is somewhat inconvenient, so I wanted to make "Ctrl-Enter" watch
> expression. However, this is already a global shortcut for "show context
> menu", set in editorproxy.cpp.
> I've a number of questions:
> 1. Is there are way to override shortcut for variablewidget? I'm trying to
> add keyPressEvent, but shortcut handling is done in event filter, so my
> method is not even called.

Perhaps your own event filter? Or is this the X11 event filter you're talking 

> 2. Failing (1), does it make sense to have "Ctrl-Enter" shortcut work
> globally. If I type "Ctrl-Enter" in variablewidget, then certainly showing
> popup menu in *editor* is unexpected. Any approach to limiting the shortcut
> only to editor windows?

I think that should be the case, how to technically achieve it with KAccel I 
don't know about.  In KDE4 it's already solved with 

> 3. Do we need this shortcut for popup menu at all?

I'd say no, but then I didn't know about it...
From my POV, just remove it.

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