Shortcut problem: Ctrl-Enter

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Thu Apr 20 08:57:07 UTC 2006


I was trying to improve variable widget a bit, and run into a problem. The 
bottom of the variable widget has a input line where user can type an 
expression. To evaluate that expression, user can either just click Enter, or 
click "Evaluate button", but to watch the expression, he has to click the 
"Watch" button -- there's no keyboard access.

This is somewhat inconvenient, so I wanted to make "Ctrl-Enter" watch 
expression. However, this is already a global shortcut for "show context 
menu", set in editorproxy.cpp.

I've a number of questions:

1. Is there are way to override shortcut for variablewidget? I'm trying to add 
keyPressEvent, but shortcut handling is done in event filter, so my method is 
not even called.

2. Failing (1), does it make sense to have "Ctrl-Enter" shortcut work 
globally. If I type "Ctrl-Enter" in variablewidget, then certainly showing 
popup menu in *editor* is unexpected. Any approach to limiting the shortcut 
only to editor windows?

3. Do we need this shortcut for popup menu at all?

- Volodya

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