David Nolden david.nolden.kdevelop at
Thu Apr 13 00:42:24 UTC 2006

Hey, I've sent a mail with some patches and because the patch-file is > 100 
kb(because of the pydoc-kioslave) it is waiting for moderator approval, would 
be nice if someone could let it through :-)

Although I'm already further than described in that mail..

I have now addressed the browsing-functionality. 
Quote from the other mail:
> I've done some work again :)
> This time I've addressed the quick-open functions and the class-tree-view.
> Until now these facilities were too seperated. If you want to get fast to a
> special class in a big project, you either have to walk through the tree by
> hand searching it, or use the quick-find, compromising overview.
> I've linked them together. If you quick-find a class, it is opened,
> selected, and showed in the tree-view(if that's open), and the same for
> functions. This gives a you much better overview of the position you've
> jumped to, and makes it much easier to navigate through a big project.
> Thereby you now can search the classview-tree.
> I hope you like the feature..
> Also I've changed the find-function-dialog a bit, it now also shows the
> scope of the function(making them easier to identify).

Now I'm yet further: 
I also work on a big project for my university where it's usual to declare 
classes and whole trees of classes in the following way:

class A {
	class B;

//in another source-file:
class A::B {

The cpp-parser was not able to deal with that.. it was quite some work to get 
it running(the whole code around that isn't very clear for a 
kdevelop-newbie ;) ) but now I've got it working.

Also I've further advanced the quick-open-file-function:
In the text-field it is now possible to filter the list for namespaces or 
parent-classes, for Example
shows just all functions that have a namespace or class in their scope called 
Speech and contain the word "bla"
shows all functions that have a namespace or class called Speech, and a deeper 
namespace/class called StateTree in their scope, etc.
And of course as described in the quote, when a function is selected and the 
class-view is open, not just the editor jumps to the function, but also the 
class-view shows the functions.

So tell me what you think about those things. :)

In my opinion, browsing is a lot more fun in this mode ;)

A problem is that for me(I use the KDE/3.5 branch) a few of the things I've 
sent before, like the pydoc-kioslave don't seem to be in the branch from my 
perspective, so my 
output of svn diff is pretty big, too big to post it here without the mail 
ending in the black hole called "administrator review" ;)

greetings, David

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