Matt Rogers mattr at
Tue Apr 11 21:17:02 UTC 2006

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 07:47:53PM +0200, Jens Dagerbo wrote:
> On 4/11/06, Matt Rogers <mattr at> wrote:
> > as I imagine that a lot of the documentation stuff will need to come
> > from scratch. Develop of KDevelop 4 has completely forked in order to
> > provide a much more solid base and to remove a lot of the cruft that has
> > built up in KDevelop 3.x
> IMHO, the documentation code is among the best code in KDev3. There
> are large parts of the codebase that just should be taken out back and
> shot. The documentation code is not among it. Though undoubtedly parts
> of the UI will need to be rewritten for Doc/View (if we want that).
> // jens

Sure, but since trunk has no documentation stuff anymore, i assume that
it is to be rewritten or something similar.

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