change of maintainership in KDevelop

Alexander Dymo dymo at
Sun Apr 2 18:17:02 UTC 2006

On Sunday 02 April 2006 17:34, Matt Rogers wrote:
> Also, it was suggested that rather than maintainership being the burden of
> just one person, it should be shared between a group of people with one
> person being the "lead" maintainer. 
That's ok. 

> I also volunteered for the position of 
> lead maintainer as well. 
You have my vote :)

> The group maintainership thing is in no way meant 
> to be exclusionary. It's purpose is actually to provide other developers 
> with a place to go so that they can get an answer from people who know more
> about KDevelop than the average developer. Please let me know if you'd like
> to volunteer.
Ok. I'd like to join you as one of the maintainers group. Does anyone have

> I hope to have everyone's support and I'd be happy to answer any questions
> or concerns.
I had my questions already answered at irc and I completely agree with two 
answers I got
Short summary:
- is too specific and 
should be revised
- maintainters group should be no larger than 5 people

PS: let's not assign maintainers for specific parts of kdevelop. I'd opt for
some "maintainership freedom" ;)

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