Alexander Dymo adymo at mksat.net
Thu Sep 15 23:26:03 UTC 2005

On Thursday 15 September 2005 11:56, Roberto Raggi wrote:
> I don't know. It depends on what we want to change in kdevelop/src!
I'd like to rewrite it and apply less restrictive license (GPL+exception
or LGPL, Roberto?). We've talked about license in Ukraine, and 
decided that GPL + exception is better but it's still unclear what this 
exception is.

> I would like to see Alexander to rewrite most of kdevelop/src using his
> `newui' and an improved profile manager. He doesn't know yet, but he will
> probably be the maintainer for the KDevelop shell/user interface :-)
Ok, I can do that;) I already know that you want profiles to be switched at
runtime. That's definitely possible. Considering the UI, I have lots of 
wierd ideas and I started implemening some of them at aKademy.
First, the tabbar as it is now should go away.
There're two replacements for it. One is a filelist and second is Eclipse-like
tabbar without scrolling. I'm looking what can be done with the non-scrollable
tabbar approach now.
Second, newui will be modified to use splitters instead of QDockWindow's.

Alexander Dymo
ICST Department, National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolayiv, Ukraine

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