Location of App-Templates in KDevelop4

Sascha Cunz sascha.cunz at tiscali.de
Wed Sep 14 21:33:02 UTC 2005

Hi Roberto, hi all

in early stages of KDevelop3 all application templates were located in a 
directory hierarchy below the appwizard part. Some time later they were moved 
below the coresponding language-part.

Where should they reside in kdevelop 4?

Putting all application templates below a language part has the advantage, 
that moving a complete support for a language to playground/extragear could 
be easier. Also, i.e. installing no PHP-Templates if the system got no PHP 
could be posibile.

Though, last year i had to change each and every template as we nuked perl. 
Damn, can anyone imagine how much you have to type into the shell when you 
have to feed each and ever cvs command with a `find -path`? :-) That was no 

Having them all together at a global repository might have more benefits:

 - working on the templates becomes easier
 - keeping track of the templates becomes easier

What about the posibility to only ship a few very basic templates with 
kdevelop itself. We could then utilize KNewHotStuff to install new templates 
or update outdated ones.

Cheers Sascha

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