The keyword is Model/View (was Re: GDB/MI)

Roberto Raggi roberto at
Wed Sep 14 11:55:08 UTC 2005

Hi Vladimir,

On Wednesday 14 September 2005 11:27, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> There are many low-hanging fruits already, like valgrind windows that hangs
> here forever even if I never run valgrind. And there's no feature to
> completely hide tool window -- it's always shown in the tabs.

I think it's hard to fix in KDevelop3. But I'm sure it is possible. My feeling 
is to implement it we need to refactor most of the interfaces, and then 
port/compile the 10.000 plugins we have in KDevelop 3.x  :-) 

> I'd suggest we pluck those fruits first, before trying perspectives.
I don't know they two faces of the same problem.

> > For sure we don't want to show all the possible views! So we need to be
> > able to create new "top level windows(a.k.a MainWindow)", the tool
> > windows, and change perspective at runtime(== don't store your data in
> > the View) :-)
> Ok, you technically can hide views, but not delete them, so the data will
> still be there ;-) But yes, separating views and logic can make some things
> cleaner.

which is good! *in future* we can make the data serializable. Or we just don't 
care and ignore the problem. I mean I don't think it is a big issue to have 
the data around (after the plugin *lazy* activation). The only component that 
use a lot of memory is the Catalog(or its replacement). But without Catalog 
KDevelop is useless. 

ciao robe

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