The keyword is Model/View (was Re: GDB/MI)

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Wed Sep 14 11:29:07 UTC 2005

Hi Roberto,

> On Wednesday 14 September 2005 09:41, jbb wrote:
> > FWIW. I think the frontend isn't a lot of code, (it's just a bit
> > intricate in places :-) So a rewrite isn't quite as large a task as it
> > may sound.
> Please guys remember that we want to push the model/view stuff in
> KDevelop4. The goal is to be able to create different views showing the
> same data. This is very important for the next generation of KDevelop. For
> instance, would be nice to be able to "clone the existing" toplevel
> window(The KDevelop Main Window) and change the current profile at
> runtime(perspective with the eclipse naming convension). This will solve
> many of our usability problems, like the incredible amount of "tool
> windows" embedded in KDevelop.

There are many low-hanging fruits already, like valgrind windows that hangs 
here forever even if I never run valgrind. And there's no feature to 
completely hide tool window -- it's always shown in the tabs.

I'd suggest we pluck those fruits first, before trying perspectives. 

> Another thing. Remember we need to load multiple programming language
> support at the same time! KDE is switching to SCons/BKSYS. So we should be
> able to load a "primitive python support" for advanced users that want to
> change the SCons project file *by hand*, the C++ support(if the user is
> working with C++), the javascript and XML support if the project can be
> extended at runtime! and so on..


> For sure we don't want to show all the possible views! So we need to be
> able to create new "top level windows(a.k.a MainWindow)", the tool windows,
> and change perspective at runtime(== don't store your data in the View) :-)

Ok, you technically can hide views, but not delete them, so the data will 
still be there ;-) But yes, separating views and logic can make some things 

- Volodya

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