GDB/MI (Was: Embedded development)

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at
Wed Sep 14 10:32:05 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 14 September 2005 09:35, jbb wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 September 2005 20:24, Richard Dale wrote:
> > On Tuesday 13 September 2005 11:06, Roberto Raggi wrote:
> > > > It should be also noted that current debugger code has some attempt
> > > > at separating debugger backend -- there's abstract class
> > > > DBGController that's supposed to encapsulate all debugger operations.
> > > > But at the moment, GDBController is the only implementation. Do you
> > > > have some specific "different debuggers" in mind?
> > >
> > > the Java debugger and the intel debugger (actually we could use it with
> > > the GDB emulation)
> >
> > Can we use the Eclipse debugger in spite of the GPL being incompatible
> > with the GPL if it runs out of process and we communicate using the JPDA
> > wire protocol? I'd rather have a gdb based java debugger though, then we
> > can easily debug mixed C++/Java gcj code.
Actually this suggestion doesn't work if the java code being debugged is 
GPL'd, like Qt or KDE java bindings would be. So I think I'm talking 

> How could we use this? Isn't the Eclipse debugger a frontend to gdb (and
> written in java?)
> /me knows nothing of Eclipse except rumour
No, it's a java debugger compatiable with the 'Java Platform Debugger 
Archicture', and not based on gdb. But the C++ support uses the same GUI, and 
I assume that is based on gdb - Alex might know about that. However, the CPL 
license prevents us from stealing anything from Eclipse for KDevelop. 

I'm assuming that we can adapt the KDevelop to use gbb pretty easily. I 
remember when I used to patch KDevelop 1.x to use Objective-C, the KDevelop 
debugger 'just worked' (the stack trace looked a bit different), although I 
needed a specially patched gdb. If we do a really good front end for gcj/gdb 
we'll be offering something that Eclipse doesn't.

-- Richard

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