Embedded development (Was: Direction of KDevelop4)

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Tue Sep 13 09:30:08 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 13 September 2005 00:06, Alexander Neundorf wrote:

> > 1.  A clear goal or mission statement ie, "To offer the best KDE/Qt
> > development environment bar none."  I  think focusing on such a mission
> > statement will provide a better direction for thinking about what we want
> > to see in the new kdevelop.
> I use it for embedded development, the "best KDE IDE" is not automatically
> the tool of choice for me.

BTW, any ideas about possible improvements of KDevelop debugger for embedded
development are very welcome. I'm now trying to debug something remotely,
and setting things is much harder that it should be.

BTW, I'm also trying to create nicer register viewers that have to be specific 
for a processor architecture, along the lines of


Probably we can arch-specific views for a couple of popular embedded 
processors (say, ARM and MIPS, don't have any popularity figures).

- Volodya

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