The future of KDevelop 4

Alexander Dymo adymo at
Tue Sep 6 23:30:09 UTC 2005

> I'd like to propose myself as the new maintainer for the *research* branch.
> If it's OK with *all* of you, I will post a project plan, then we can start
> to discuss the architecture, the new components, etc...
> Rationale: Thanks to a Trolltech initiative (the *Creative Friday*) I can
> spend 20% of my working time on KDevelop. Of course I love the new code,
> and I will work and support KDevelop in my free time too.
I'm all for it! :) KDevelop is in a desperate need of a man who has time and 
skills like Roberto has.

PS: Another problem to mention is that I'm not going to develop 3.x branch
anymore and I basically have no time to maintain it. Probably we'll need
another maintainer for 3.x branch as well.

> As you may have noticed, the only developers working on KDevelop 4 are me
> and  Harald. I think we're doing a great job with the new code base, but we
> need help :-)
Count me in ;) I'm going to spend every little occurence of free time to
develop 4.0.

Alexander Dymo
ICST Department, National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolayiv, Ukraine

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