The future of KDevelop 4

Roberto Raggi roberto at
Tue Sep 6 18:10:09 UTC 2005

Hi Adam,

On Tuesday 06 September 2005 16:32, Adam Treat wrote:
> I agree that we need a strong maintainer for the new branch.  I would love
> to work on KDevelop4 ... I think most of us are looking for some of the big
> merges to happen before we dive in.
I know :-) 

> Now, here is my concern:  I think it is great that you have Creative
> Fridays to hack on KDevelop, but in the past it has been hard to
> communicate with you when you go into blackouts.
but in the past there was no such thing :-) the creative friday is a new 
project. Unfortunatly I was *very* busy in the past designing Qt/Designer, so 
I didn't have time to develop KDevelop :-)) 

Now the situation is different. I have time to work on KDevelop and actually I 
*want* to work on KDevelop, and of course I know the code (because I was 
involved in the implementation of most of it)

> Communication about the design and the the schedule has been lacking for
> awhile.  This was demonstrated quite well in the recent merging fiasco.  I
That's exactly what I would like to change. As maintainer I will be 
responsible for the KDevelop source code. Actually the thing that really 
scare me is the KDevelop codebase. I mean take a look at the KDevelop 3.x 
source code and check for code duplication. I don't want to have another 
release of KDevelop like that!! I hope we can can solve the problem in the 
*4.0* branch. 

> would just hope that you would devote as much time to planning and letting
> everyone know what is going on, as needed.  That is the big burden and
> necessary cost of being the maintainer.
I will.. I'm very motivated! 

> Roberto, you are obviously the right person when it comes to knowing the
> code inside and out, but I am just concerned that half-way through
> KDevelop4 you might just get it in your head to rewrite for KDevelop5 or
> start off on a new parser ;)
I know, but we can always change the maintainer :-)

> Note: I am only half kidding.

ciao robe

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