The future of KDevelop 4

Adam Treat treat at
Tue Sep 6 19:01:08 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 06 September 2005 12:15 pm, Roberto Raggi wrote:
> On Tuesday 06 September 2005 16:49, Adam Treat wrote:
> > Another way to put it: Roberto, would you be willing to commit to seeing
> > through the KDevelop4 branch throughout it's lifetime?  And doing so,
> > understanding how much time and effort is required just being the guy to
> > herd all of the cats?
> as you know for two years I was developing and maintaing most of KDevelop!
> I was the guy reviewing the patches in the libkdevelop, the class browser,
> quicksearch, the language support, c++, java, the automake project manager
> and so on.. So I'm not a newbie! I've experience as maintainer :-) I was

Yah, all obvious and good!  You are probably responsible for the majority of 
the code (or at least the origins of the code) in svn.  I'm not doubting that 
or ignorant of it.  All I'm saying is that I would like a strong maintainer 
and one who will take the job while committing to seeing it through.

It sounds like you are committing to this, although you haven't explicitely 
said it.  Will you commit to seeing KDevelop4 through until the next major 
version number?

> not involved in KDevelop 3 because I didn't have time! another country,
> another job, and no creative friday :-) things are changed! I'm back.
> ciao robe
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