KDevelop-Quanta integration in CVS

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Thu May 19 21:31:04 UTC 2005

 I've created a working branch for the KDevelop/Quanta integration. It's 
mainly for creating KDevelop plugins from Quanta's code. This will be 
done incrementally, step by step, and I think if a plugin is ready, 
tested and it makes sense to be used also in other KDevelop profiles, 
it can be moved to the main KDevelop tree. Of course for KDE 4, we 
should create the kdevplatform module, so Quanta does not depend on the 
C++ language code. ;-)
 So the code in SVN is at /home/kde/branches/work/kdevquanta. Some 
description about it:
- it misses the admin dir (I have to find out how can I link to this 
directory from kde-common)
- the lib dir is for classes used for common purposes in other plugins. 
Should be verified if it can be moved to kdevplatform or not.
- right now it has only one plugin: usertoolbars. Jens' project views 
should also go there.

About the usertoolbars plugin: it's about having user defined toolbars 
and actions. 
What works:
- loading/saving/editing/sending/downloading of toolbars
- editing/removing/creating user actions

What doesn't work:
- execution of actions. So they are there, just doesn't do much. Of 
course if you put a standard action (e.g About KDE) that works, the 
problem is with the user defined actions. There are some 
issues/questions about how  should I do it right, so most of the action 
execution code is disabled right now.

What isn't so nice:
- there are problems with the width of the tabwidget when put on the 
toolbar. I think I will use the same trick as KDevelop uses on the 
browser toolbar, which makes it possible to resize the toolbar.
- the plugin options are not saved anywhere

What's new compared to the Quanta's version:
- toolbars can go to a tabwidget or they can be completely independent 
toolbars. In the later case the actions are not put in a menu.
- the Tags menu is renamed to Actions and it is much smarter. It can be 
completely disabled and  it hides itself when no toolbars are loaded. 
KDevelop should do the same with the Debug menu if no project is 
- menu items are disabled when they are useless

I've tried to document the code, especially the parts that I touched, 
but there are some areas where I really just changed the code with 
search&replace, so I didn't reviewed and commented. This is especially 
true for the QExtFileInfo and ActionConfigDialog classes.

Sure, there are many FIXME's and things that should be reviewed (usage 
of quanta specific strings for example), but I think it already shows 
what it can do.


Quanta Plus developer - http://quanta.kdewebdev.org
K Desktop Environment - http://www.kde.org
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