User actions/toolbars plugin

Jens Herden jens at
Wed May 18 16:34:06 UTC 2005

> Sure, we can do this. It is possible to add any widget to a toolbar, but
> in this case you cannot configure the user toolbars with the standard
> Configure Toolbars dialog, as for the user toolbar there will appear only
> one item: the widget on the toolbar holding the other toolbars.

Well, maybe the user will find one toolbar too much, the one with the tab 
widget. But I am still sure that the idea should work.
BTW digging in the code of the toolbar dialog reveals that it is possible to 
set an attribute that prevents a toolbar from being editable! So it is very 
easy to prevent that the user can change the toolbar with the tabwidget. 

> I'm not sure this will solve the above problem.

Me too, but since we use the factory from the mainwindow and we return a 
toolbar, as you did in Quanta, why should there be a difference?

> If it solves the configuration problem, yes. You know, it would be pitty
> to loose such functionality as it saves a lot of code, as we don't need to
> deal differently with the user toolbars and the actions on it from the
> rest of the toolbars.

I agree we have to keep this.


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