my first kdevelop plugin

Jens Herden jens at
Tue May 17 06:30:09 UTC 2005

> Yes, I do like the feature :) But I have some suggestions ;)
> ProjectViews would be helpful even in non-project mode. The functionality
> is not much dependant on project. So I'd wish to see it a global plugin
> with separate project views for global mode.

This is a good idea, but we have to think about the technical details. Now the 
information is stored in the session file of the project. We do not have this 
without a project. We could save them in the global config file, is this a 
good place? This would also mean that we drop the non project views when we 
load a project and load them again when we close the project. 
But then we need a better name. It must be unrelated to projects. Suggestions?

> Also the functionality it provides can be IMHO merged with file list
> plugin. The toolbar could go then to a file list view. This way we could
> group similar tasks like maintaining the list of opened files (filelist)
> and saving/restoring this list (projectviews). What do you think?

So you mean drop the menu entries and put everything in the file list view? 
But I really love the toolbar in the menu to switch. With your suggestion we 
have to open the file list view change the view and close the file list view 
So I agree to move the view stuff into the file list view. I also agree to 
move the actions form the Project menu to the file list view but I do not 
like to drop the toolbar. 

> PS: looks like you've used kdevelop plugin template. Is it ok? Does it need
> smth to be added?

No problem so far. Actually an easy start. 


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