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Andras Mantia amantia at
Mon May 16 10:15:05 UTC 2005

On Sunday 15 May 2005 23:44, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> Very short answer:
> You have to run kdevprofileeditor and add ProjectViews
> property to the KDevelop IDE profile.

Thanks. Right now it seems to be complicated for the end user, but I can 
see the benefit of the current solution. The problem will be if you 
someone will write 3rd party plugins, for the end user of that plugin 
it will be not so easy to install.

Now back to the Projectviews plugin. My tests shown that it works with 
some bugs:
- when you save a new view (save as), it will warn that the view already 
exists, altough it is not.
- if there was no view saved yet, the save as should simply overwrite 
the first view, otherwise you'll get an empty view in the Projectviews 
configuration dialog
- the real problem is with restoring the view on startup/loading of the 
project. This interferes with the current behavior that files that were 
opened when a project was closed are restored on startup. So if I have 
a default view with files A and B, and meantime I open files C and D, 
close the project, reopen the project I get A, B, C, D opened instead 
of A and B. The ugly solution would be to close all files before 
opening the default view, the better solution would be to disable the 
autoloading of last closed files. When dealing with BR #89400  I get 
the following idea:
"Quanta opens the files saved in the default project view when 
opens the webprj file. 
It might make sense to create a special project view which is updated on 
every project closing and if the user sets this view as the default 
one, it will behave as you ask. But we cannot just automatically save 
and restore what was last opened as it would work against the project 
views concept."

Right now KDevelop works against the project views. ;-) So I suggest 
always having a view that cannot be deleted by the user (should show up 
only in the config dialog) called "Last opened files". This view is 
updated every time the project is closed and if this is the one 
selected as a default view, the last opened files are restored. 
KDevelop itself (the project manager or who does it) should not bother 
with restoring opened files.

What is missing from project views is that it doesn't save/restore 
information about the opened non-text documents (help pages or so), 
while currently KDevelop restores them as well.

All in all I suggest to put the plugin in CVS. I'd say it can already go 
to kdevelop as it will be a platform specific plugin and it will not 
hurt if people can test in 3.5. ;-)


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