TODO or not TODO?

Jens Herden jens at
Thu May 12 12:26:05 UTC 2005

> OK, I could add the TODO, but it will have to be on the weekend.

Great, thanks. BTW I am not in a hurry with this. It is a small problem and I 
just mentioned it because I found it.

> > - Kate highlights TODO and FIXME in both comment types
> > - Kate highlights @TODO only inside of Doxygen comments (different from
> > TODO) - Kate does not highlight @FIXME inside of Doxygen comments
> >
> > Looks like room for improvement? @FIXME should get highlighted as well.
> yeap.

Who can do this?

> > And finally the help text does not reflect the current behaviour.
> It should definatly be fixed.

on the weekend, right :-)

Thanks again


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