current state of using cmake to compile kdevelop

Sylvain Joyeux sylvain.joyeux at
Sun May 8 23:59:05 UTC 2005

> Yes, I heard this.
> But which are exactly the portability issues ?
libtool takes care mostly of PIC/non-PIC issues, linkpath and rpath, 
dynamicly-loadable modules, ... 

One thing I like is that it builds *both* version of the libraries (shared 
an non-shared), which lets the developer choose which one he wants to use 
*without* changing its build system.

it also does library versioning and (tries to) take care of the 
dependencies. Libtool tries to put the dependent libraries on the linker 
command line in an order which works. It fails sometimes, but still it is 
better than nothing

BTW, out of curiosity, why cmake and not (for instance) scons ? I did not 
try cmake, but I played a bit with scons and it's really powerfull.


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