C++ Parser, add your own macros here, no documentation? how to use?

Roberto Raggi roberto at kdevelop.org
Fri Mar 18 17:50:09 UTC 2005

On Friday 18 March 2005 16:54, Matt Rogers wrote:
> ok, so you define them just like you would normally then, is that correct?
yo matt,

the point is the parser doens't parse the files in _order_. It is impossible 
to resolve #include directives from the c++ plugin without the _support_ from 
the project manager, for this reason I want replace the old KDevProject 
interface with KDevProjectManager.

Anyway, every time you have to parse a source file you have to configure the 
C++ Driver (lib/cppparser/driver.*) or KDevDriver(cppsupport/kdevdriver.*). 
You can do it in different ways. A simple and pretty useful way to do it is 
to parse a file that contains _only_ the macros definitions before parsing 
the _real_ source file. The contents of this _fake_ source file is the text 
you edit in the C++ Parser Settings dialog. Of course there are other ways to 
do it, but this is a different story, and for now I will keep this stuff 
_secret_ :)

ciao robe

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