Color completion patch

Adam Treat manyoso at
Mon Mar 14 23:14:05 UTC 2005


I've written a very basic patch for katecodecompletion.cpp that allows me to 
insert richtext into a KTextEditor::CompletionEntry and for Kate to display 
it as richtext inside the completion box.  The behavior of the part otherwise 
does not change and it requires absolutely no changes to the KTE interface.

Now, I know Hamish is working on (or already has) code completion in color on 
his repository at home.  I'm not sure the current status of that code, but 
I'm sure it is way better than what I have here, however perhaps we can use 
this in the meantime until Hamish can get his code into shape for cvs.  I'm 
not sure of the BC compatibility, so please take a look...

Here is a screenshot of KDevelop taking advantage of this patch:



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