Roberto Raggi roberto at kdevelop.org
Thu Mar 10 13:18:03 UTC 2005


On Thursday 10 March 2005 12:54, Adam Treat wrote:
> It wasn't just Roberto's code.  The formatting was messed up all over
Hey Adam, you can read the cvs history/annotate. Most of the code is mine :) 
as most of the code of the catalog, codemodel, parser, c++, java, qeditor, 
abbrev, plugin architecture, the class browser, the quick open, 
buildtools/projectmanager, ... NOW I hope you will not change the coding 
style of these other components without asking to kdevelop-devel. 

Anyway, the point: the cppsupport it is *not only* my code and now it is *not 
only* your code. Alexander has contribuited to it, Victor has contributed to 
it, Bernd has contribuited to it, John has contribuited to it, Daniel has 
contribuited to it, and I have wrote it.

> languages/cpp with several different coding styles all over the place. 
> Some files exhibited multiple coding styles in the very same file.  So, we
> are left with a situation where the coding style is inconsistent in
> individual files, not to mention the whole of the cpp language part.  There
> was no way to tell what the 'correct' style was and no way to tell who was
> responsible for which coding styles.
you know why? because I don't change the style of the code contribuited by 
other developers. It's something i don't like.

I maintained most of Gideon/KDevelop for a lot of time. I'm very proud of my 
code, and even when I replaced the 99% of the old code I always tried to use 
the same *coding style* (and in many cases the Copyright header) from the old 

> The only real debatable problem is the problem with cvs merges, but even
> Roberto says it isn't really a problem.
hey I said I don't know if it is a problem :) and you lucky I don't have time 
to check it  ;)

anyway, I really like all these improvements to the code completion and the 
C++ support! Great work guys! I'm very happy you and matt are working on 

I'm happy If the new coding style will help you :) but, please use 
kdevelop-devel mailinglist. We are an open community, and there is no needs 
to decide the things on the irc channel or via email.

ciao robe

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