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Bernd Schubert bernd-schubert at
Thu Mar 10 01:41:10 UTC 2005


as you might see from the general discussion list I had some problems to build 
working debian packages. Well, finally I got it. While looking for the 
problems, I saw that the profile directory 'kdevelop/profiles' is pretty 
often hardcoded into the sources. Well, to my mind this is a bit ugly and the 
attached patch tries to improve that. Well see yourself, it uses a #define 
and so I'm not sure if you will like it at all.
The B. Stroustrup C++ book is in front of me, clearly stating that one 
shouldn't uses macros in C++. Thinking about it and having programmed the 
hole week in C, I believe its the most efficient way using this small macro 
for it...


Bernd Schubert
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