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Tobias Gläßer tobi.web at gmx.de
Sun Mar 6 23:29:04 UTC 2005


I always like to see such unsolicited standardisation efforts between
Free Software projects. Maybe this could end up as specification on

The advantages of such a standard template specifaction are obvious:
- The templates can be more extensively tested, because a wider scale of
developers and users is interested in them.
- More templates would be developed, because people would be sure that
they are valid in more IDEs (Anjuta and KDevelop, but maybe later on
Eclipse and even more projects join) and won't break from one to the
next release.
- The different projects could still compete on a extension level and
good extensions could be standardised after they proved to be good. (See
OpenGL extensions)
- Maybe the community can agree on a standard template directory and the
same templates get indeed available in all IDEs that standardised on
this "Specification".
- It would be possible to establish a common template website available
on freedesktop.org.

I don't (want to) see disadvantages. :)

We don't need to discuss that such an effort can't be fulfilled in a few
days and it might take some months until Anjuta and KDevelop could
indeed use the same project templates, if the different parties decided
to take on this effort.


Tobias Gläßer

Am Sonntag, den 06.03.2005, 23:30 +0200 schrieb Alexander Dymo:
> I've received this letter today and I'd like to know your opinion.
> The letter is about using common format for application templates
> for KDevelop and Anjuta IDEs. 
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> Subject: New project wizard template
> Date: Sunday 06 March 2005 19:28
> From: Sébastien Granjoux <seb.sfo at free.fr>
> To: Alexander Dymo <adymo at mksat.net>
> Hi Alexander,
> The new project wizard plugin in anjuta is working. Now, I think the
> most useful missing feature is to use a standard project template format.
> There are different levels of "standard". The first one is to decide
> that the current format is standard and try to keep some backward
> compatibility in the future. But I think it's better to go further and
> at least describe this format to allow user to write new project
> template for anjuta. I have already written a first documentation, it's
> probably not enough but I don't know if lots of people will really write
> such templates. Then, one additional step is to share this template
> format with other application to get a bigger base of users who can
> write templates.
> I would like to see if it's possible to share a common template format
> between anjuta and kdevelop. I expect this to be a very difficult task
> but I think it's useful and interesting. I propose this to you because
> we have already discussed about this. But perhaps some other people need
> to be involved on kdevelop side. On anjuta side, obviously I will ask
> Naba before making big changes.
> I send you a short description of the current template format used in
> anjuta. You can see example in the anjuta cvs tree. It's just a start, I
> don't expect that you implement this in kdevelop (it will be too easy
> :)). I plan to accept big changes, by example replace the xml like
> format or replace autogen but we need good reasons to do them. Some
> other things could be added easily by example add a screenshot element
> in the header block.
> Regards,
> Sébastien
> -------------------------------------------------------
> PS: Sebastien didn't stress the fact that we could get more testers of 
> application templates in case the same templates are used in both KDevelop
> and Anjuta.
> PPS: I like the idea of using xml format for templates because I can't stand
> reading "human-readable" ini files like we have now ;) but autogen usage
> is still questionable for me.

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