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Andras Mantia amantia at
Thu Jun 16 22:30:08 UTC 2005


 We are trying to create a Quanta language support for KDevelop, which 
basicly would be the heart of Quanta inside the KDevelop framework. So 
I started with a simple test: making a basic language support plugin, 
using the KDevelop template. Well, that doesn't work, but I fixed the 
compilation errors. :-) Please review my desktop file changes.
 More important is that I don't know how to load the new language 
support plugin. It doesn't show up in kdevprofileeditor, so I cannot 
configure a profile which always loads this language support plugin. 
 Some investigation shown that the language supports are loaded when you 
create a project from a template. That's not that nice for us. What we 
would like is a profile which always loads are current language support 
and in the new project dialog it will never show other templates from 
other languages. Is it possible to do somehow?


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