[Bug 69893] removing file from cvs is not completed by a commit

Jordi Blasi j_blasi at wanadoo.es
Tue Jun 14 18:32:37 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From j_blasi wanadoo es  2005-06-10 12:15 -------
Kdevelop 3.2.0 CvsService command "Remove From Repository" should still visualize locally removed files on File Tree until these files are permanently removed from repository.

If you right-click on a CVS file from File Tree -> CvsService -> Remove From Repository "cvs" will also remove local copy and kdevelop wrongly will also remove it from "File Tree".

CVS locally removed file should remain on File Tree with "Locally Removed" shown status until it is permanently removed from CVS.

Of course, that file is not permanently removed from repository (that is correct), but as Kdevelop has removed the file from File tree, there is no chance to commit from "File Tree" in order to remove the file permanently from repository.
To do so, you have to commit manually the file from a shell or from another cvs application (cervisia, tkcvs, ...) to do so.

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