[PATCH] ruby support, fixes small inconveniences

Pieter Pareit pieter.pareit at scarlet.be
Thu Jun 2 21:14:04 UTC 2005

Op donderdag 02 juni 2005 17:47, schreef Richard Dale:
> Hi Pieter
> I'm very pleased to get feedback from somone using KDevelop with ruby..

well, it is very nice to have a full development enviroment, even when writing 
small scripts, like in ruby. the combination of knowing ruby and qt/kde also 
makes it nice to do prototyping or even complete application development in 

also, diving into the ruby support code and comparing that with other code in 
kdevelop was a joy. it pays off when the coders developping the application 
have kept the code relative clean and easy to follow.


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